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Monitoring network traffic: pmacct and Graphite

Recently at work we’ve needed to gain visibility on traffic flows across a global MPLS cloud. I would have explored open source solutions anyway but we didn’t have any budget so I was pushed that way regardless. The first part of the puzzle came in the form of pmacct, a daemon that uses pcap to […]

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Daily Links Automated

As can be seen from the previous post I’m back! The best bit is that post was created automatically. I use del.icio.us to bookmark interesting things I read day to day. It has support for daily links posted to your blog but that requires XML-RPC support which Blosxom doesn’t have out of the box. So […]

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Links of the Day: June 12, 2008

del.icio.us/help/api/posts Blosxom doesn’t have XML-RPC support by default so I’ll need to script an API call to download daily bookmarks. Aaron Straup Cope / Net-Delicious – search.cpan.org Someone may have already done the heavy lifting for me! Publishing Links With Perl, by Jeffrey Veen Just in case I get lazy and need a cheat sheet… […]

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