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Lowering all the MTTs…

Adam Jacob (@adamhjk) the CTO of Opscode Chef recently gave a talk at Velocity Santa Clara 2014 titled “How to be great at operations”. You should go read the slides. Go now, I’ll wait. Just a hint though, use your space bar to move through the non-linear navigation, you’ll thank me later. … You’re back? […]

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Monitoring network traffic: pmacct and Graphite

Recently at work we’ve needed to gain visibility on traffic flows across a global MPLS cloud. I would have explored open source solutions anyway but we didn’t have any budget so I was pushed that way regardless. The first part of the puzzle came in the form of pmacct, a daemon that uses pcap to […]

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Series of Scalability Articles by Haytham El-fadeel

As the title says… Art of scalability (1) – Scalability principles Art of scalability (2) – Scalability guidelines part 1 Art of scalability (3) – Scalability guidelines part 2 Art of scalability (4) – Scalability guidelines part 3

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