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Ubuntu Hardy unlikely to have working Ralink drivers…

So I’ve been persisting with using the rt2x00 drivers with 2.6.24 on Ubuntu Hardy but it wasn’t only slow (interface was quite often at 1Mb/s rather than 54Mb/s) but unreliable, dropping out every 15-20 minutes. A quick bounce of the interface brought it back but it’s just un-acceptable to do that indefinately. I’d been booting […]

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Obscure compliment…

…in a ticket at $work[0]: MB’s mutt-fu is strong.

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Bankwest feedback falls on deaf ears…

$better_half was trying to login to Bankwest the other day and it didn’t work from the desktop. Tried a few different things and eventually tested it from the laptop which worked. The only difference between the two is that one is amd64 and the other is x86. I had a look at the source but […]

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They made this bed, they should sleep in it.

After reading yet another story on a “credit crisis” casualty, this time Bear Stearns, I was affronted enough to write the following letter to the editor: To: Subject: Financial companies shouldn’t have their cake and eat it too. Another day, another debt laden company goes to the wall. The US Federal Reserve steps in […]

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Wireless interface renaming fun on Hardy…

As I mentioned in in my last post I was having problems with wireless. As the drivers for the rt2500 chipset have been a problem in the past, I assumed it was the same issue rearing it’s ugly head again. I was wrong. My system had a wlan0_rename interface as well as the expected ra0 […]

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Trackerd makes Mutt a sad MUA…

I recently upgrade my home machine to Ubuntu Hardy. Lots of teething issues including the rt2500 based wireless card not working with 2.6.24 kernels. However the one thing that caught me by surprise was Mutt stopped seeing new mail in folders other than $MBOX. After checking that I was receiving email fine, my attention turned […]

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As sexy as they are, Macbook Airs are nothin’ but trouble!

Steve Jobs Made Me Miss My Flight – “I’m standing, watching my laptop on the table, listening to security clucking just behind me. “There’s no drive,” one says. “And no ports on the back. It has a couple of lines where the drive should be,” she continues.” Gone, Without a Trace – “As humiliating as […]

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It must be a bad day to be in the hosting business…

Dreamhost – “Due to a typing error on our primary router while trying to block a denial of service attack, DreamHost is currently offline.” Out of band access anyone? Nearly Free Speech – It will probably have changed shortly but right now it reads “Our master MySQL server has blown more drives, and this is […]

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Links of the Day: Mar 09, 2008

More reading on the Youtube hijacking, this analysis from the RIPE project. Photo gallery of a high density Internet Exchange in LA. Commentary on the credit crunch. I’ve always been surprised that it’s the executives who get the million dollar bonuses when times are good and the million dollar kiss off when times are bad. […]

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