CPU lines multiplying like rabbits?!?

So, I admit it’s been a while since I really looked into x86 hardware, but I remember a time when Intel and AMD (and any other CPU manufacturer…) had 2-3 lines at most. There was the one aimed at servers pitched at a speed/feature set, the one aimed at desktops pitched at a price point and possibly a mobile chip pitched at a low power/long battery life scenario.

Now you have 47 different types.

I think their thought process must go:

  • Is it low power or high performance?
  • How many cores does it have?
  • Uniprocessor only or made for multiprocessor systems?
  • 32bit or 64bit?
  • Is it built down to a price or up to feature set?

…and then they make one of every possible combination!!!

And then throw in some variations in bus speeds and L2 cache sizes in the different models in the same line. To top it off give the models confusing names not based on any specification of the acutal CPU. Whimper.

Almost makes you want to be a luddite…

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