Links of the Day: Feb 21, 2008

Not sure why but I searched for my name in Google. Fairly common name so it wasn’t till about page 7 that this showed up. So I poked around a bit on the SFS site and found some more photos of us.

Kuro5hin article barracking for more modularisation and sharing between software projects.

Apple stops shipping Xserve RAID hardware just after $work[0] buys one. Sigh.

“Australian Workplace Agreements will be extinct by Easter after the Coalition dropped its plans to delay their abolition until midyear.” – SMH. I think the thought process was suddenly “I don’t think we’re in government anymore Toto!”.

I’ve always wondered about the equation of computer use with computer literacy / savvy. It seems that a lot of commentators thought that just because those children and teenagers growing up now use computers a lot also implies that they understand them better and use them more powerfully. What total bunk! And now there is a study on just this topic, covered by CMS watch, which agrees with my unscientific conclusions.

Skewed priorities.

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