Links of the Day: June 14, 2008 – ACCC thwarts eBay PayPal plan. A win for common sense! “The [ACCC] has flagged its intention to scuttle a plan by online auctioneer eBay to force its Australian users on to a PayPal-only payments system. Citing concerns about the ‘anti-competitive effect’ of the proposal…”

Coding Horror: ASCII Pronunciation Rules for Programmers Be sure to read the comments too… “What the heck is an octothorpe? I know this as the pound key, but that turns out to be a US-centric word; most other cultures know it as the hash key.”

PostCarbon Information and Communication Technology (ICT) “… ICT is … completely dependent on fossil fuels. IF this … is not changed … there will be no PostCarbon ICT, period.” Original has horrible formatting.

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