Links of the Day: June 17, 2008 – Cut fuel price, say voters Why do people think the government should intervene in the supply/demand determined pricing of a scarce resource? Did everyone fail economics 101?

Acer Aspire One notebook review “if Acer wants it to be seen as anything other than a mini-notebook it needs to quickly launch its connected version as this edition is only a success on the price point, lacking the usability and build quality we’ve come to expect from this market.”

TrustedReviews – Asus Eee PC 901 20G Linux Edition “Brimming with features and with a new CPU and better battery, the Eee PC 901 personifies exactly the spirit in which the original was created. …bit more expensive … lack a more comfortable keyboard, but … the 901 has once again set the standard.”

TrustedReviews – First Look: MSI Wind “…though the Wind lacks the classiness of the Mini-Note… it’s a good looking machine that shares a visual style with the Eee PC – albeit in a slightly larger chassis. …it looks as though MSI has put together a very commendable effort…”

VM /ETC – Can you Vmotion between different physical data centers? “Chad goes on to point out that he feels stretching ESX Clusters is a bad idea in general and lists 4 solid reasons to support why. Check out all the whole post at the link above.”

Building a Low Cost (Cheap) VMWare ESX Test Server. “My job now involves more and more virtualised (or virtualized if you’re one of our American cousins from across the pond) server implementations so this is a good excuse to go and build my own VMWare ESX test environment.”

Virtual Geek: Building a Home VMware Infrastructure Lab “This is something I consider mandatory if you’re going to take VMware as seriously as I think everyone should :-)”

Connect VMware ESX Server to a free iSCSI SAN using Openfiler “In this article, we take a look at how you can download a free open-source iSCSI server and use it as your SAN storage for VMware ESX and its advanced features.”

Openfiler (The link in the previous article is out of date) “Openfiler converts an industry standard x86/64 architecture system into a full-fledged NAS/SAN appliance or IP storage gateway and provides storage administrators with a powerful tool to cope with burgeoning storage needs.”

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