Links of the Day: June 19, 2008

Cowboy 2.0 – No Longer Playing Nice “I guess it was inevitable, but I did not want to believe it could happen. Marc Benioff ( founder, chairman and CEO) was apparently lying to us all along.”

Cisco IOS hints and tricks: Display locally originated BGP routes “Displaying the BGP routes originated in the local AS is simple: you just filter the BGP table with a regular expression matching an empty AS path. Displaying routes originated by the local router is tougher.”

Bruce F. Webster – Anatomy of a runaway IT project “The following document is the actual text – carefully redacted – of a memo I wrote some time back … The memo itself provides an interesting glimpse into just how a major IT project can go so far off the tracks that nothing useful is ever delivered.”

VMware Land – Top 10 Lists That’s a lot of lists!

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