Running RANCID on top of BZR and with multihop

Long time, no write. Been busy moving countries, as you do.

Started a new job too. Been setting up RANCID and wanted to pull together all the pieces here:

Let’s start in the obvious place, I prefer my own, slightly different, expansion of the acronym. Really Awesome Network¬† ConfIg Differ. If you are not backing up or versioning the configuration of your networking equipment you really should take a look at it.

Patches for RANCID to use BZR
RANCID only offers CVS and SVN support out of the box. I’ve been using BZR for a while and strongly prefer it. Thankfully someone has provided patches to add BZR support.

Patches for RANCID to do multihop
One of the other things I needed to add was support to reach a device via another device. I used the instructions from here and the updated patch from here. My config looks a little something like:

add user HOSTNAME {USER}
add password HOSTNAME {PASSWORD}
add autoenable HOSTNAME 1
add method HOSTNAME usercmd
add usercmd HOSTNAME {/usr/local/rancid/bin/clogin} {VIA_HOSTNAME}
add usercmd_chat HOSTNAME {#} {telnet IP_ADDRESS\r} {User Access Verification} {}

Note that the host we are going via is already defined so we can reuse it’s clogin details to reach it (though I did need to provide the full path to clogin).

To serve the BZR repo via a web interface I turned to Loggerhead. The only issue I have is trying to hide the RANCID log directory because I am serving it as a “directory of branches” straight out of rancid/var.

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