Bankwest feedback falls on deaf ears…

$better_half was trying to login to Bankwest the other day and it didn’t work from the desktop. Tried a few different things and eventually tested it from the laptop which worked. The only difference between the two is that one is amd64 and the other is x86. I had a look at the source but there didn’t appear to be any wacky javascript to mess things up.

So, I thought I’d be helpful and let their web developers know:

…our home computer which used to work fine. It just returns her to the login prompt without any error message.

The system is AMD64 Linux (Ubuntu 8.04) and I had her test with both Firefox2 ( and Firefox3 (beta4).

I had her test from my laptop and that worked fine.

The laptop is x86 Linux (Ubuntu 8.04) and Firefox3 (beta4).

I wasn’t expecting a great response but I got a “talk to the hand”!

Thank you for your message.
Please have your wife contact our 24 hour Customer Help Centre on 13 17 18 to enable one of our operators to assist with the enquiry.

Due to security restrictions, we are unable to access or discuss information specific to your account via this unsecure message service as it is not possible to complete the identification requirements. Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience however the strict guidelines of the Privacy Act commit us to this action.

Ummmm, hello?


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