Forking for fun(pidgin) and profit!

So we use Jabber a lot at work for internal communication. I’ve always used Gaim^WPidgin but with the upgrades flowing through from Ubuntu Hardy I came across what I thought was a bug to do with size of (and ability to resize) the text entry window. But no, it’s a “feature”!

The Pidgin ticket has comment after comment asking for this feature to be made optional, or even better for the feature’s parameters (“default size” and “maximum size”) to be configurable in the configuration file if not the GUI interface. I for one would love to set and forget them at “4 lines” and “50%”.

The developers of Pidgin don’t seem to waver from their original decision, so welcome to the latest FOSS fork: Funpidgin!

They have a .deb available but I can’t be bothered switching just yet. Might wait and see how this pans out and what path the Ubuntu package maintainer takes with this issue.

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