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Forking for fun(pidgin) and profit!

So we use Jabber a lot at work for internal communication. I’ve always used Gaim^WPidgin but with the upgrades flowing through from Ubuntu Hardy I came across what I thought was a bug to do with size of (and ability to resize) the text entry window. But no, it’s a “feature”! The Pidgin ticket has […]

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They made this bed, they should sleep in it.

After reading yet another story on a “credit crisis” casualty, this time Bear Stearns, I was affronted enough to write the following letter to the editor: To: letters@smh.com.au Subject: Financial companies shouldn’t have their cake and eat it too. Another day, another debt laden company goes to the wall. The US Federal Reserve steps in […]

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It must be a bad day to be in the hosting business…

Dreamhost – “Due to a typing error on our primary router while trying to block a denial of service attack, DreamHost is currently offline.” Out of band access anyone? Nearly Free Speech – It will probably have changed shortly but right now it reads “Our master MySQL server has blown more drives, and this is […]

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