Links of the Day: June 26, 2008

Oil Price Fallout: Jobs Coming Home? Sometimes cheap labour isn’t enough…

As the cost of shipping continues to soar along with fuel prices, home-grown manufacturing jobs are making a comeback after decades of decline.

Virtual Geek: Answers to a bunch of questions…

I got a lot of questions on the 10GbE post, which is great. Some of the answers involve graphics, so rather than comments, I’m just going to do a post….

Coding Horror: Revisiting the XML Angle Bracket Tax

I wasn’t trying to present it as “Oh, XML is bad…”. What I was trying to say is why don’t we think about what we’re doing? … Can we just stop programming for a minute to think about what we’re doing and not make a blind choice…?

Coding Horror: The Ultimate Code Kata

Contrary to what you might believe, merely doing your job every day doesn’t qualify as real practice. … You have to set aside some time once in a while and do focused practice in order to get better at something.

Stevey’s Home Page – It’s Not Software I do a lot of monitoring at work at this rang true:

… until you’re actually measuring all your use cases, any one of them can potentially be unavailable without your knowledge. Hence availability monitoring always evolves into real-time QA.

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