Links of the Day: June 28, 2008

Renesys Blog: Cogent Becomes Transit-Free “Cogent (AS174) has established a direct connection to the America Online Transit Data Network (ATDN) (AS1668). This long-awaited connection completes Cogent’s effort to directly connect with every transit-free network in the world.”

WWoIT – Wayne’s World of IT: Find VM snapshots in ESX/VC “Find snapshots of VMs in ESX and VC other than manually looking through each VM in the GUI. Query the db using SQL management studio, use sqlcmd from the command-line, list the files in the service console, or use the new VI Toolkit powershell snap-in.” – SnapHunter “SnapHunter is an ESX3 Service Console utility which can report back on the Snaphot status of VM’s from multiple ESX Servers.”

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