Links of the Day: Mar 09, 2008

More reading on the Youtube hijacking, this analysis from the RIPE project.

Photo gallery of a high density Internet Exchange in LA.

Commentary on the credit crunch. I’ve always been surprised that it’s the executives who get the million dollar bonuses when times are good and the million dollar kiss off when times are bad. What do their employees get? Token bonuses when times are good, perhaps shares or options (which are now in the red) and a redundancy slip when things get really bad. Somehow executive remuneration needs to be more closely tied to the long term stability and prosperity of the company, instead of short-term-ism which leads to the debt laden behemoths that are all falling out of the sky now that risk spreads are now rational.

Storms in Germany and a Lufthansa flight has a wing touch before a go around.

An Elementary Exposition on the Theory of Ponydynamics.

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