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Links of the Day: October 19, 2008

Simon Caulkin: High earners need to be brought down to Earth The credit crunch has written it out in huge red letters: incentive pay may work for Chinese peasants, but in situations of any complexity, and especially where the quality of the decisions made is only apparent in the long term, pay that truly reflects […]

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Links of the Day: October 12, 2008

Sad Guys on Trading Floors – And if you look over here, you’ll see we have some… …little do they know it’s the Australian Treasurer!

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They made this bed, they should sleep in it.

After reading yet another story on a “credit crisis” casualty, this time Bear Stearns, I was affronted enough to write the following letter to the editor: To: letters@smh.com.au Subject: Financial companies shouldn’t have their cake and eat it too. Another day, another debt laden company goes to the wall. The US Federal Reserve steps in […]

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Links of the Day: Mar 09, 2008

More reading on the Youtube hijacking, this analysis from the RIPE project. Photo gallery of a high density Internet Exchange in LA. Commentary on the credit crunch. I’ve always been surprised that it’s the executives who get the million dollar bonuses when times are good and the million dollar kiss off when times are bad. […]

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