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37signals are Ricardo Semler fans…

On their blog Signal vs Noise, 37signals has a series of articles covering the work of Ricardo Semler, a business lecturer at MIT. I came to the party late with the most recent one on how to work smarter from an employers and leaders perspective. The three previous articles (linked in reverse chronological order) cover […]

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Forking for fun(pidgin) and profit!

So we use Jabber a lot at work for internal communication. I’ve always used Gaim^WPidgin but with the upgrades flowing through from Ubuntu Hardy I came across what I thought was a bug to do with size of (and ability to resize) the text entry window. But no, it’s a “feature”! The Pidgin ticket has […]

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Reading something into your bash history…

An interesting idea from jimmac via jdub. At home: (marty@merboo)-(03:42:46 Fri Apr 11)-(~) $ history|awk ‘{a[$2]++ } END{for(i in a){print a[i] ” ” i}}’|sort -rn|head 106 screen 96 ssh 48 sudo 43 vim 25 ifconfig 25 cd 17 make 12 ls 12 cat 10 iwconfig …and at work: marty@boober:~ $ history|awk ‘{a[$2]++ } END{for(i in […]

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If fibre goes down in a forest, does the twisted pair hear it scream?

So at $work[0] we’re trying to bring up a new service for a customer. It’s a 2meg service from T, which terminates on our side like so: fibre -> managed media converter -> twisted pair -> router We think we’re ready to turn it up and a T technician is booked. For 01:30am due to […]

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Google doesn’t seem to care about your privacy…

SMH is reporting about Google’s imminent launch of “Street View” in Australia. Richard Chirgwin points out the spineless journalism that let quotes like the following through to the keeper: Still reeling from the backlash by privacy activists after Street View began in the US last year, Ms Mayer said Google was developing technology to blur […]

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Ubuntu Hardy unlikely to have working Ralink drivers…

So I’ve been persisting with using the rt2x00 drivers with 2.6.24 on Ubuntu Hardy but it wasn’t only slow (interface was quite often at 1Mb/s rather than 54Mb/s) but unreliable, dropping out every 15-20 minutes. A quick bounce of the interface brought it back but it’s just un-acceptable to do that indefinately. I’d been booting […]

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Obscure compliment…

…in a ticket at $work[0]: MB’s mutt-fu is strong.

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Bankwest feedback falls on deaf ears…

$better_half was trying to login to Bankwest the other day and it didn’t work from the desktop. Tried a few different things and eventually tested it from the laptop which worked. The only difference between the two is that one is amd64 and the other is x86. I had a look at the source but […]

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They made this bed, they should sleep in it.

After reading yet another story on a “credit crisis” casualty, this time Bear Stearns, I was affronted enough to write the following letter to the editor: To: Subject: Financial companies shouldn’t have their cake and eat it too. Another day, another debt laden company goes to the wall. The US Federal Reserve steps in […]

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Wireless interface renaming fun on Hardy…

As I mentioned in in my last post I was having problems with wireless. As the drivers for the rt2500 chipset have been a problem in the past, I assumed it was the same issue rearing it’s ugly head again. I was wrong. My system had a wlan0_rename interface as well as the expected ra0 […]

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